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client project detail: International Travel Tour Operator

MaxIT provided a robust and secure internal communications and computing infrastructure with remote access for authorised global agents.

The issues:

  1. Communications with global agents needed to be far more effective, not just content but also availability
  2. Agents had a need to have access to the Online Booking System 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
  3. Unstable infrastructure

The brief:

  1. Speed up the network and make stable
  2. Stop the frequent crashes of the two prime corporate databases
  3. Install a corporate email system across the company
  4. Review and rectify backup failures
  5. Provide web browsing for selected members of staff
  6. Put a stop to the disruption caused by receipt of viruses through email

Starting point:

8 PCs on a mix of Win95/98, one NT server providing file sharing for Act! One NT server providing booking and accounts system. 4 PCs with modems, using AOL and another ISP to dial up for email on various accounts unrelated to company name, plus web browsing. Floor sockets provided network connections to a 16-port 10Mb hub lying in a 5U cabinet

The solution:

  1. 10/100 rack-mounted switch installed
  2. Act v3 upgraded to Act!2000: all databases repaired and re-indexed
  3. Old PC used as server replaced with higher spec server, tape drive switched into replacement
  4. UPS put on each server with control software to provide graceful shutdowns in event of power failures
  5. Domain name registered
  6. Advised on web site development and procurement thereof
  7. Email server software installed (providing scheduled dial-up throughout weekdays to send and receive email)
  8. All users put on same versions of all application software, updated from server for simplicity and speed
  9. Structured cabling installed: a new telephone system was to be installed, so straightforward justification on cost grounds. This gave improved flexibility by moving users / extension numbers around the office very swiftly.
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